Susan Lucci undergoes heart surgery on 90% blockage after ignoring warning signs for several days

Feb 14, 2019
10:25 A.M.

Susan Lucci is an actress who is best known for portraying the role of Erica Kane on the television show “All My Children,” although she also starred in “Devious Maids” and “Deadly Affairs.” She recently had a health scare that could have ended her entire career.


Last fall Susan started to feel a tightness in her chest, but she initially dismissed it as being nothing serious and thought that it would go away, which it did at first.

However, the feeling returned ten days later, which caused Susan to suspect that she had just tied her bra too tightly. The third time she felt it was on October 23 and it was more painful than the previous two times put together.



She visited St. Francis Hospital where she consulted with Dr. Richard Shlofmitz, who is the Head of Cardiology. He then took her to the ER for an emergency CT scan.

The scan revealed that her main artery was 90% blocked and another artery was 70% blocked. The doctor then inserted a pair of stents into her heart to ease her circulation.


In an interview with “People,” Susan expressed how she feels after the incident:

“Ninety percent blockage — I was shocked. I’m lucky to be alive.”



There are two leading causes of heart attacks. They are a lack of blood or a blockage in the coronary arteries. Heart attacks are quite common and cause a third of all deaths in the US.

Be aware of chest pains.| Photo: Freepik

Be aware of chest pains.| Photo: Freepik

It is possible to look out for signs so that one does not have to undergo what Susan did. The body has a warning system for letting one know when something is wrong with one’s heart.

Heart health is important. | Photo: Freepik

Heart health is important. | Photo: Freepik

These warning signs include abdominal pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, heartburn, insomnia, hair loss, irregular heartbeat, sweat, and chest pain.


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