February 08, 2019

Three things to keep in mind when praying during adversity

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Sometimes, praying for the grace of God can seem like a daunting task. But there are certain things to keep in mind that will help us through this discouraging time.

According to Justin Rizzo, a worship leader, one must always remember that there are three things always happening each time one prays.

‘(1) Things in the heavens are shifting, (2) I am being changed, and (3) God’s heart is being deeply moved. That day began a journey of confidence to keep coming before God in prayer,’ Rizzo explained.

A man praying before God in a church. | Source: Pixabay


Here are three important insight that has helped Rizzo to keep ‘pressing into God in prayer’ despite what is happens around him:

1.  God Is Moved By Our Every Prayer

Some people feel that God will not be pleased with their prayer even if they do it. This lack of confidence in God stops them from praying.

One of the best prayers one can make is to ask for God’s divine order in all aspects of one’s work, friendships, family, finances, and many more.

So, one must always believe that even their ‘weakest, most uninspired prayers’ will make a difference. Only then will their desire to pray increase.


A woman placing her hand over the Holy Bible. | Source: Pixabay

‘Though your love may feel weak, it’s real in His eyes. He loves even your weakest attempt to spend time with Him,’ Rizzo quoted a biblical verse.


2. You Can Pray for Yourself

People often believe that praying for oneself or for one’s own benefit is a ‘prideful’ thing to do and, hence, wrong.

However, Rizzo suggests that there is nothing wrong with praying for oneself. In fact, he has done it himself as a worship leader and believes to have received good results because of it.

A woman praying with her hands joined. | Source: Pixabay


‘Communing with God and asking Him to intervene on your behalf is modeled throughout Scripture. It took me a long time to get to a place of admitting that I actually needed to pray for myself,’ Rizzo stated in his article.

He also admitted that doing so has helped him grow on a personal level in several areas including patience, stewardship, and servanthood.

Hands joined in prayer above the Holy Bible. | Source: Pixabay


3. Pray for God’s Divine Order Into Your Life

One of the best prayers one can make is to ask for God’s divine order in all aspects of one’s work, friendships, family, finances, and many more.

A cross of Jesus shining against the backdrop of a sunset. | Source: Pixabay


Divine order refers to how synchronized God’s plans are with that of the one who prays. The key is to invite God into the planning process and to consider oneself as nothing more than a steward, who is cared and managed by Him.

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Justin Rizzo is also a songwriter and composer beside being a worship leader. He started leading worship at the age of 12, and he currently serves in Kansas City, Missouri.