February 09, 2019

Flight attendant speaks out she was forced to wipe passenger backside after he used a restroom

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A flight attendant was left traumatized after having to clean up a passenger who went to the lavatory during the flight.

In what could be tagged as a new bit of oddity, a female flight attendant on the EVA Air flight from Los Angeles was involved in cleaning up a full-grown man after his bowel movement. 31-year-old Emily could not have guessed how unpleasant her job that day was going to be.


Signs of the obnoxiousness surfaced when passengers were boarding the plane and the man, who she described as heavyset, asked to be seated on a row of three seats that were empty. Emily also revealed while on a FaceTime with KNBC, a Los Angeles based media outlet, that the man informed her that he had recently undergone hand surgery and would require help when going to the bathroom, to which she agreed to assist him.


When things got nasty, the heavy-set anonymous man went to the plane lavatory about two hours into the flight. Shortly after getting into the bathroom, the alert for assistance shot off, and when Emily got to him, the man said:

“I need help getting my underwear off.”

Emily’s first reaction was to grab a blanket to cover his already exposed private area, an effort that was rebuffed by the passenger as he slapped her hand away, stating that what he needed at the time was to get his pants off and not some covering.


After the passenger emptied his bowels, he asked that Emily wipe his bottom for him.

“We don’t have baby wipes; we have wet towels, but please clean by yourself,”

This was the reply Emily gave when the man asked about baby wipes. Emily’s refusal infuriated him, and he claimed that she had promised to help him; one she now denied making. At his insistence, another attendant cleaned the man while Emily held him up.


Emily, who has worked with EVA Air for nine years and loved her job, said during the interview,

“I think his kind of thing is way out of my duty.”   

She also mentioned that it was a traumatizing event and hoped never to see the man again. The young attendant called out her employers, saying they should make changes disallowing the passenger from flying with them unless he has a caregiver with him.