First-time mom shares being told she was having twins only after she delivered her first baby

Feb 12, 2019
09:52 A.M.
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During pregnancy, mothers attend many doctors appointments and multiple ultrasounds. Therefore it is almost impossible for there to be any surprises on the delivery day. However, one mother was shocked to learn brand new information in the delivery room.


Nicole Ziesemer, a first-time mother from Michigan, found out during the delivery that she had been pregnant with twins. She was under the impression that she would only be having one baby.

Unlike most pregnant women, Nicole decided to have as little medical intervention during her pregnancy as possible. If she had not done this, then she almost certainly would have been informed of the twins earlier.




On Dec 30, 2017, Nicole gave birth to Blakeley Faith Ziesemer at 10 pm at Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital in Fremont. It was a natural birth.

The doctor then checked Nicole and saw that there was still another baby inside her, of which only the head was visible. At first, she thought the doctor was joking, but she soon realized what was happening.


At 11 pm that night Nicole gave birth to Blakely’s younger twin brother, Cade Matthew Ziesemer. Nicole and her husband had not prepared for this and had to rush out to get a second set of newborn items:

"My first thought after delivering the second baby, 'oh crap!' we need a second crib, a second car seat, a second everything.”



Joanna Gaines is a designer and also stars in the reality television show “Fixer Upper.” Last year she gave birth to a son, and the pictures are even cuter than what fans could imagine.

Just before Christmas, she posted three photos of her son, Crew, on Instagram.


In all three photographs, Crew is pictured on Santa Claus’ lap as the family prepares for Christmas. He seems slightly overwhelmed but is smiling broadly in one of them.

This was Crew’s first Christmas, and it was spent on the Gaines’ family farm. Joanna had been looking forward to this for a few months, as he will get to see family traditions take place.