Ayesha and Steph Curry pose with their son and daughters, showing off how much they look alike

Claudine Varela
Feb 13, 2019
08:09 A.M.
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Ayesha Curry gushes about how much her family has grown as she shares pics from her family's most recent magazine shoot.


Three years after they graced the cover of Parents Magazine, Steph and Ayesha Curry are back with one more child in tow.


Ayesha shared a series of photos from their shoot for the popular publication’s March issue and gushed at how her family has grown in just below three years. They were a family of four when they were featured in the magazine in June 2016. The couple’s two daughters Riley and Ryan were just 3 and 10 months old respectively.

For that issue’s cover photo, Steph was at the center sitting on a couch surrounded by his girls. He's wearing a makeshift crown as Ayesha and Riley sit on both sides of him while he holds a bottle for little Ryan.


Today, with the addition of their 6-month-old son Canon, Steph sat out the cover photo and allowed his wife to shine with their three children. Dressed in a printed pink and red dress and red snakeskin boots, Ayesha glowed as she held on to Canon in one hand and allowed her two daughters to lean on each side of her. 


Ayesha also shared three other photos which will be featured inside the pages of the magazine. One of them was of the couple where the NBA MVP embraces his wife from behind.  The third pic is a solo of the mother-of-three wearing a different ensemble. She changed into a black skirt with colorful fringes and matched it with a white top and mustard jacket. 

The final photo featured Steph with his children. He’s sitting on the floor surrounded by his playful brood. 

“Our @parents mag cover!!!” Ayesha exclaimed in her caption before adding,

“It’s crazy to see how much our family has grown and changed in almost exactly 3 years!”


Steph and Ayesha have become a poster couple for basketball fans and even just celebrity fans in general making them the perfect icons for Parents Magazine.  With eight years of marriage tucked under their belt, the basketball star and celebrity chef revealed it’s their efforts to put their marriage first that allowed them to prosper. This was an advice the couple learned from both their parents who’ve been married for at least 30 years each. 


In a previous interview, Ayesha said communication is key while Steph said,

“Putting ourselves first [even before the kids], and making sure that we make time for date nights and for each other. That’s been very important, as hard as it is."


Fans are privy to these date nights which would often be featured on their social media. In one of these dates, Ayesha shared how their younger daughter Ryan clung to her leg and begged her not to go as she was about to step out. A cute photo of the adorable scene was shared on her Instagram and was captioned,

“My Ryan says NO date night LOL I almost stayed home.”

Luckily for Steph, Ayesha didn’t stay home and instead joined her husband so they could continue to nurture their partnership.