Bradley Cooper really impressed Prince William with his powerful singing skills

On Sunday night, in the just concluded British Academy Film and Television Awards, BAFTA, actor Bradley Cooper met with Prince William who commended him on his singing skills.

The award which is the British version of the Oscars was graced with stars of different calibers and also royals. Prince William not only made a royal appearance, but he also looked dashing walking side by side with his bride, Duchess, Kate Middleton.

Later on into the event, the couple went ahead to mingle with celebrities, and one of the faces they interacted with was that of the actor, and director Bradley Cooper. The Prince appreciated the movie "A Star Is Born" and also complimented Cooper's amazing singing voice which he had kept hidden from the public till recently saying:

“Congratulations, great film, I didn’t know you could sing!”

To which Cooper replied; “I didn’t either;” this made the duo burst out into laughter. The conversation did not end there; the 36-year-old Prince went on to also praise the performance of Cooper's co-star, Lady Gaga saying;

"Did you always have her in mind when you wanted to do this?”


“Not originally, but then it was dormant for a while, and I saw her perform, and that was it;” Cooper replied.

William thought it was a fantastic movie and rightfully so. It must have been a great pleasure and honor for the 44-year-old actor who also bagged home an award for Original Music, to have the Duke sweetly compliment his work the way he did.

William wasn't the only one who paid tribute at the event; his date also went ahead to give compliments and appreciate the various talents at the show.

Kate and Meghan are known to pay homage to their mother-in-law at any given opportunity; this event wasn't an exception.The Duchess of Cambridge wore one of Diana's earrings as she had done countless times.

The couple looked dashing with Middleton in a perfect white gown and her husband in a well-tailored suit perfectly fit for a royal. 

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