Fox News host Pete Hegseth sparks debates over claim he hasn't washed his hands for 10 years

While many modern health trends, such as not vaccinating children, may seem strange to more traditional people, a new claim by a “Fox News” presenter is perhaps the weirdest of them all.

Pete Hegseth is a host on “Fox News” and recently said on air that he had not washed his hands in over ten years.

He went on further to say that he does not see it as necessary because he hardly ever falls ill. Pete also said that germs are not visible to the naked eye. Therefore they are not real.



His fellow hosts were shocked to hear this from him, a sentiment which was also shared by viewers on their Twitter accounts.

This admission follows Pete’s new year resolution to be transparent by saying the same things on air that he would say off the air.

A few days before he dropped the bombshell his fellow hosts saw him eating pizza which had been left out overnight. He saw nothing wrong with this as he believes that pizza stays edible for several days, even out of the fridge.

It is not known whether Pete made this statement in jest or not, but either way, it is advised that people wash their hands regularly and avoid shaking hands with those who do not.



Traveling overseas can be a shock for most people, but one British tourist, Hamish Carruthers,  reached a peak during a visit to Vietnam when he mistook a bidet for a shower.

After posting a rant on Facebook about how Vietnamese showers are impractical due to being too low and requiring one to keep one’s hand on a button continuously, the comments section informed him of his misunderstanding.

People commented saying that the hose he was using to shower served the purpose of cleaning one’s nether regions as a toilet paper substitute.

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