'One of the most outrageous people': Sam Elliot jokes about Cher recalling a glorious time

Actor, Sam Elliot, popularly known for his lanky physique and famous cowboy roles in movies recently revealed some pleasant thoughts about American singer and actress, Cher. 

Elliot is one of the most familiar faces in Hollywood with a career that has span across over three decades. The actor who was born August 9, 1944, has performed alongside a lot of beauties in the industry since the onset of his acting career. Although not all of these women have received public admiration from the A Star Is Born Oscar-nominated actor, Cher did.

In a recent interview with EW, the 74-year-old spilled juicy details about his glory days with some of the elites in the world of film making, and the singer did make the cut. 

The narration took Sam all the way back to his 1985 movie by Peter Bogdanovich, "Mask," which was about a young boy named Rocky acted by Eric Stolz; a boy plagued with disoriented facial features resulting from a bone disorder. Cher played the role of Eric's mother while Elliot performed the music goddess' boyfriend. 

Recalling back to the time, Sam revealed he had admired Cher even before their brilliant performance as lovers in the 1985 movie.

Elliot in his statements unveiled the love he had for The Sonny and Cher Show which he usually saw with his mother during his childhood days. “I was a Cher fan when I was still living up in Portland. My mom and I were there, and I was going to school, and my dad had died, but my mom and I used to watch The Sonny and Cher Show religiously,” Elliot said.

The Oscar nominee after commending the other artists involved with the production of the groundbreaking movie, Mask continued his statement with more praises for Cher.

“I  loved Peter and I loved Cher. I mean, what the f—? Cher’s Cher, you know? I mean, what’s there not to love about her. She’s one of the most outrageous people I’ve ever spent time with, and she’s wonderful to work with. It just was a glorious f—ing period of time.”

Sam Elliot has done excellent for himself in the movie scenes. It is impressive to note that his endeavor in the entertainment industry is one that his father never approved. Unfortunately, his dad died when he was only 18, making it impossible for him to see his chastised son become a name to reckon with in the entertainment industry.

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