Gymnast from viral routine is back with another perfect-10 performance

21-year-old Katelyn Ohashi did the impossible once again and earned another perfect score with her latest routine, just in case anybody doubted of her talents, this time in her hometown, Seattle.

The viral sensation’s homecoming event couldn’t have gone any better, with Ohashi scoring the fifth perfect 10 on floor during her career in front of more than 7.000 people that gave her a heartfelt cheer on February 10.

The UCLA student secured her place as queen of college gymnastics with a perfect routine that includes a split leg double layout, a very challenging move. Ohashi accompanied her performance with great music, as usual.

Ohashi has shown her taste for soulful music again, featuring music from Tina Turner and The Jackson 5, among others.

The athlete, who has revived her gymnastics practice competing for UCLA after she gave up her Olympic dreams because of an injury in 2015, was pleased with her routine, and she even corrected a detail that had bothered before.


"I was glad I put on a show for my home crowd and really glad that I clapped on beat," Ohashi told Daily Bruin, in reference to her previous difficulties on achieving this.

As we have seen in her previous appearances, her teammates were there, dancing along her on the sidelines and mimicking Ohashi’s moves, in an inspiring display of team spirit.

"She knows how to have fun with her team. She knows how to pump her teammates up, she knows exactly what she needs to feel comfortable on the equipment.”

-UCLA Gymnastics coach Valorie Kondos, Los Angeles Times, February 10, 2019.      

Ohashi’s first viral moment came in June 2018, when she performed to a medley of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits at the Pac-12 Gymnastics Championship, famously featuring the pop star’s iconic dance step, the moonwalk.

That performance, which was received by a standing ovation from the audience, helped her university’s team achieve their best score of the season, winning over the Oregon team.

But if there was still someone on the Internet that had not heard of and fallen in love with Ohashi, she cemented her viral status in January, when she took things to the next level by achieving a perfect 10.

Despite having proved to be more than fit to be a great gymnast, Ohashi has suffered her share of body shaming in the past, especially when she struggled to stay in the track following a series of injuries.

"No one ever fully knew what I was going through. I was told that it was embarrassing how big I had become. I was compared to a bird that couldn't fly," Ohashi shared.

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