Shaquille O'Neal busts out slick dance moves in viral clip ahead of the weekend's NBA All-Star Game

Shaquille O'Neal's decision to show the world some of his dance moves just a few days ahead of this weekend's NBA All-Star game has made him a viral internet sensation. The NBA legend stunned his fans after he posted a video of himself dancing on Instagram. 

It seems Shaquille O'Neal has a hidden talent that he's ready to share with the rest of the world, and that is dancing. While his fans and followers are used to seeing him bust some moves on the basketball court, this time he proved that he can do just that on the dancefloor, too. 

In a clip he posted on Instagram, Shaq wiggled, did the "butterfly," and showed off some of his impressive shoulder moves ahead of this weekend's much-anticipated NBA All-Star Game. According to the basketball legend, he's about to "bust up in the [NBA All-Star Game 2019]  like aaaaagh."

The NBA star's fans were quick to praise the gentle giant for his eagerness to put smiles on other people's faces through his dance, saying that he is living proof that "you're never too big, too tall, or too old to enjoy life."

"@gainzachiever: Shaq be living his best life"

" Still got them moves tho"

"@1queenstatus: I love Shaq! You’ll the best of all time!! I only wish my son could meet you one day!"


Shaq has been living the life now that he's a retired professional basketball player, but this doesn't mean that he hasn't been active in the league. He is currently a sports analyst on "Inside the NBA," and continues to do charitable works to young children who dream of becoming the next big NBA stars. 

Of course, the legend has also been putting a lot of work into his children hopefully following his footsteps, particularly his son Shareef. 

Shareef O'Neal is a freshman at the University of California Los Angeles and was one of the most sought-after players. However, after he was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart condition, he needed to stop his basketball career and focus on his recovery. 

Although this has been heartbreaking for Shaquille and his ex-wife Shaunie, the two of them have been working together to make sure Shareef is taken good care of and is feeling good despite his illness. In fact, Shaq said that he tried to humor his son's way into the operating room when he was feeling nervous before his surgery. According to the basketball player, it's stories that get him through tough times, and that's exactly what he did to his son – tell him a story. 

“I told him he should be. But when you go in that room, you’re gonna meet a young lady named ‘Ana Sthesia’ and you won’t remember anything!”

Now that Shareef is recovering, Shaquille is counting the days til he can help his son get back up on his feet and pick up where he's left off when it comes to his basketball career. After all, if you're an O'Neal, passion for basketball definitely runs in your blood. 

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