Duane Martin denies ex Tisha Campbell’s domestic abuse claims and says they're 'fabricated'

Duane Martin is refuting his estranged wife, Tisha Campbell’s domestic abuse allegations and claims she’s lying for a reason.

According to TMZ, Martin filed new legal documents in response to Campbell’s temporary restraining order obtained last month.

The “My Wife And Kids” actress previously claimed that Martin once punched her in the chest with a closed fist and that he’s allegedly abused her since the beginning of their marriage, but Martin insists her accusations are "fabricated" and "false."    

The 53-year-old actor is also implying that Campbell’s claims of domestic abuse have suspicious timing.

He notes that the abuse allegations did not surface even after his estranged wife filed for divorce in February 2018 and that she’s only using them now for leverage in their pending custody case.

Martin and Campbell share sons, Xen and Ezekiel Czar, and on various occasions, the battling exes have accused each other of bad parenting.

Earlier this month, Campbell filed new court documents, demanding sole custody of both boys and implying that Martin does nothing to care for them.

Obtained by The Blast, Campbell’s documents read:

“[Duane] has never shown an active interest unless it was for show or social media. When we were together, the Respondent stayed isolated in his room watching TV for hours, much of the time when the children were there. The Respondent leaves the partnering to his 77-year-old mother. The Respondent’s brother does the custody exchange, school drops, medical appointments, and the occasional trip to the park with the dogs.”

Meanwhile, in his legal filing, Martin now says Campbell, 50, has filed two police reports over the past year to claim alleged abuse, but the L.A. City's Attorney's Office refused to file charges because she couldn’t provide real evidence.

The “Getting Personal” star wants Campbell’s restraining order vacated because, according to him, she just made up a bogus story. His attorney also said:

“Duane has attempted to remain silent on this issue out of respect for his family and, most importantly, his children’s well-being.”

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