'Today' anchor Carson Daly warns of heart attacks in an essay about his late mother

Carson Daly honors American Heart Month by sharing his late mom's last words about heart health.

Famous American TV and radio host, Carson Daly is opening up about his mother's death which happened over a year ago. Carson lost his biological father to cancer and his mother, Pattie Daly Caruso, to a heart attack. Pattie Caruso, a "Coachella Valley" TV alum, died in her home at Palm Desert, California at the age of 73.

In a bid to raising awareness about cardiovascular events, Carson opened up about his mother's last days before she was lost to a heart attack in September 2017. 

Reports have it that Carson went in details about the strings that connect type 1 diabetes and cardiovascular events. According to the trending essay, the TV host says of all the life-threatening diseases, heart disease ranks first in causing the death of the Americans.

Moved by the fact that his mother's passing caught him unawares, he started to pay particular attention to the heart health of men and women.

"I never would have guessed that my mom was going to die of a heart attack," 

The broadcaster said, adding that she had some health issues (but) nothing in the heart, he never saw it coming.Carson revealed that his mom who had type 1 diabetes was also diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 90s.

"She had a single mastectomy... opted for chemo... that threw her blood sugar into a bit of a tizzy, but she had that all worked out... She was cancer-free."

The night Carson's mother died, he had received a late-night call - which he refers to as "never good" - from his sister. Carson's first statement when he answered the call was, 

"Is Dad OK? Did he fall?"  

The Irish news reporter noted that he was convinced it was about his father, to whose health they all paid more attention at that time, because of a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. But Carson wasn't right; his sister went,

"No, it's not Dad. It's Mom. She had a heart attack, and she's gone."

You can imagine how Carson must have felt that night.Carson went on and on about how hard his mother's death hit him. He didn't hesitate to mention the great love they shared and how much he misses Pattie.

Carson Daly concluded his long, heartfelt essay with the primary purpose of his message

"That's what this is all about — educating each other, sharing our experiences."

To every son out there, he said

"my advice is to look out for heart disease. It's literally killing women in this country more than any other thing. And we never see it coming."

It was reported that the 45-year-old TV persona opened up about losing both of his parents in only five weeks. Carson's stepfather Richard Caruso died that October after battling with bone cancer.

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