Ex 'American Idol' contestant arrested on charge of distribution drugs

Antonella Barba, an erstwhile contestant on the world-renowned talent show, “American Idol,” has been incarcerated by law enforcement for being in possession and dispersal of hard drugs.

Barba was arrested on Monday morning and has been charged with state drug dealing crimes. The formal accusation levied against her involves her alleged conspiracy to distribute cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin.

Her attorney, James Broccoletti, refused to give comments on the issue while claiming that he hasn’t gotten access to the indictment.

Barba, in time past,  has had a similar encounter with the law as in October 2018, she was accosted by police officers while driving through Duke street in Norfolk, Virginia, in a rented car. She was accused of felony charges which included the distribution of about 100 and more grams of heroin.

At the time, she denied having knowledge of the drugs and later got released that same month. She was also accused of being in conspiracy with Justin Michael Isaac who is presently facing charges alongside a third cohort, Christopher Stennett.

Barba was reported to have been directed by Isaac to deliver close to 830 grams of fentanyl to an unknown recipient. Broccoletti has confirmed that the 32-year-old singer who has remained in federal custody will get a possible hearing on Friday.

Barba contested in the sixth season of “American Idol” in 2007  and was among the top sixteen finalists before getting evicted.

After leaving the show, she went back to her alma mater, the "Catholic University of America," where she continued her studies and bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. Then she went on work at Election Mall as a spokesperson and afterward ventured into pursuing a career in music. 

The lady-singer has songs which are both originals and covers which she she has shared on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Her legal problems as at October, had her facing up to forty years in prison.

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