February 19, 2019

Man who was found dead in Democratic mega-donor's house reportedly called him 'the devil'

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On January 7, a black gay man was found dead in Ed Buck's apartment. This was 17 months after a black male escort was found dead at the Democratic donor’s apartment.

The second dead man’s friends claimed he had a relationship with Buck at one point, but it eventually turned into a one-sided affair. The man warned his friends calling the donor “the devil.”

Last month, Timothy Dean, 55, was found dead at the West Hollywood home of prominent Democratic Party fundraiser Ed Buck, 63. Dean had warned his friends to steer clear of the donor and referred to him as a "[expletive] devil."


Seventeen months before Dean was found, male escort Gemmel Moore, 26, was found dead of a methamphetamine overdose at the donor’s home. According to “The Daily Beast,” at the time Dean had told a friend of 15-years, Jermaine Johnson, that Buck was "a horrible, horrible man.”

Dean and Buck had a relationship years before Moore's death. However, the relationship between the two had soured with the donor sending Dean multiple text messages that he didn’t respond to.

A friend of Dean’s, DeMarco Majors, revealed that he had told him during a November 2018 conversation that "Ed Buck hits me up all the time, and I don’t answer none of his text messages. Don't you take your [expletive] over there."



Majors had been Dean’s friend for 20 years. Buck has been plagued for years by rumors that he drugged young black men in his home on Laurel Avenue.

However, he’s managed to elude arrest by donating to California’s most powerful politicians. When Moore was found dead, no charges were filed against Buck.

Since the recent death, the police have reopened an investigation into Moore’s death.  When Dean warned Majors against visiting Buck he also showed him “messages [from Buck], and Tim didn’t respond to none of them.”


Dean’s friend revealed that the donor had been soliciting his friend for months. He’d advised Majors, “Don’t you go over there. I’m not going over there either. [Expletive], I’m not trying to end up dead.”

That was the last conversation the two had. On the night of Dean’s death, he’d walked 13 minutes to Buck’s house just past midnight.


The donor’s attorney, Seymour Amster, claimed the two men were friends of 25 years. He shared that Dean had arrived at Buck’s apartment high on drugs while the donor was trying to help him get clean.

Amster stated: “We stand by our position that Mr. Dean reached out to Mr. Buck on the night of his death and not vice versa.” The lawyer also denied allegations that Dean had warned friends to stay away from Buck. 


In an email, Amster wrote:

"We are in possession of text messages from Mr. Dean to Mr. Buck that refute the picture the Daily Beast is trying to paint of the relationship between Mr. Dean and Mr. Buck. The text messages do not put Mr. Dean in a good light. We are sure that law enforcement are in possession of these texts as well.”

The attorney added:

"It seems that Mr. Dean had a secret life he was keeping from a lot of his friends. That is as far as we will go with what we and law enforcement possess ... If this matter ends up in a courtroom, and that is a big 'IF' we will then decide if it is necessary to disclose Mr. Dean's secret life."



When another friend of Dean’s, Walter Harris, texted him an article about Moore's death his response was: "This might be it for Ed Buck." Dean also called Buck a "[expletive] devil."

The cause of Dean's death has not been made public and Amster revealed that Buck was interviewed by police on the night of the man’s death. The lawyer shared that his client had "disclosed all of the information law enforcement needed,” and "There is no reason to have him re-interviewed."

Amster added that nothing new would come out of a second interview.

Federal election records revealed that the prominent donor who has donated more than $53,000 to Democratic candidates. He’s also donated to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee since 2008.