Couple dared an amazing transformation - after losing 200-lb, they are ready to talk about it

Rebelander Basilan
Feb 19, 2019
11:47 P.M.
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Tricia and Nick Hensley, who was able to shed more than 200 pounds together, has opened up about their incredible transformation.


Before beginning to concentrate on weight reduction, Tricia weighed 278 pounds and Nick weighed 265 pounds, as reported by PEOPLE.


“I never really thought of myself as being overweight or big like that until seeing the pictures now.”

The couple, from Colorado, lost over 200 pounds together by changing their eating regimen and adding exercise to their previously inactive way of life. 



In an interview with PEOPLE, Tricia, 37, revealed that they used to eat a lot. She said:

“We have this drive-thru restaurant that’s open 24 hours. So we’d get this really large burrito that they made with pork, beef, chicken, shrimp, potatoes, and it’s really big, and then we’d each have a cheese quesadilla, and churros. It was crazy.”


The pair would also frequently order pizza and other low-quality nourishment such as junk foods. Tricia added:

“We’d get two large pizzas, two orders of the bread, hot wings, the dessert—two different kinds of dessert because you can’t just choose one—and then soda, of course. We would consume four cases of soda a week at home, and more while out.”



In 2017, Tricia and Nick, who once called themselves “couch potatoes,” won a raffle to join Jenny Craig for a year and began to get in shape. 

They got arranged meals consistently and were able to include fruits and vegetables as required into the plan. 


Tricia loved how easy the plan was to follow, saying:

“All the work’s done for you, so all I had to do was follow the menu, which was great because I’m really good at having a plan and focusing on it. I did not deviate at all from the menu. I had tunnel vision. I was seeing my chart go down, and I could see it in photos."


Tricia and Nick would bring their own food during occasions. Other than eating, the couple started strolling as a type of activity. 


When the year was finally over, Tricia had shed 149 pounds while Nick dropped 87 pounds. Now they're both ready to hike and run rather than simply walking. 


“I never really thought of myself as being overweight or big like that until seeing the pictures now. Side-by-side with where I was and where I am, it is still kind of shocking," Nick, 36, told PEOPLE.

Tricia, who felt the same way, said that she's glad for herself, adding that her favorite thing regarding their weight loss journey was that she and her husband did it together.

She continued that the journey has brought them closer as a couple, showing them that together they can do anything.