'Property Brothers' announces brand new show that will ‘turn families’ dreams into a reality’

Drew and Jonathan Scott, more commonly known as the "Property Brothers," are set to launch a brand new project on May 29, 2019.

This time, the show will be titled "Property Brothers: Forever Home," and the twins will focus on helping clients who are already settled in their dream homes but haven't had the means to renovate them.

According to Drew, it is common for people to settle into their new homes hoping to renovate them but never actually doing it for several years.


This type of plans are usually affected by a lack of time but money is still the number one reason as to why people tend to keep postponing said renovations.

“Renovations cost more than they imagine, so their ‘diamond in the rough’ stays rough for years. That’s why we’re here—to help families unlock the dreams in their uninspiring houses.”

Jonathan Scott, HGTV, February 18, 2019


The plan is reportedly very simple: at the beginning of every episode, Drew, who is a realtor, will be guiding the clients through fully renovated houses hoping to inspire them.

The idea is to give the couple or family an opportunity to point out something they would enjoy having and seeing in their future home, adding a few personal touches along the way.

The second part of the process will be centered on Jonathan presenting the homeowners' with different 3D models of their place, and they will have to choose one.

“Renovations cost more than they imagine, so their ‘diamond in the rough’ stays rough for years."

From there, the twins will do what they do best— transform the clients' dream home into reality. But Drew's dreams may also come true in the near future according to the star.


The 40-year-old recently left a very funny comment on one of Joanna Gaine's pictures, telling her that he and his wife Linda would soon have children and he could use some hand-me-downs.

This drove fans to congratulate the couple, adding that they will be awesome parents with plenty of people to choose for the important role of babysitter.

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