Joke: Elderly Couple Pass a Drug Store While Discussing Their Decision to Get Married

When a couple in their twilight years decide to marry, hilarious situations are sure to arise.

Here’s one such hilarious situation… 

Bob, aged 92, and Mary, aged 89, were excited about their decision to get married. They are madly in love with each other and they could not wait to finally seal their love by exchanging vows before a priest.

An elderly couple sitting on wooden bench. | Photo: Pexels

An elderly couple sitting on wooden bench. | Photo: Pexels

While out for a stroll to discuss the wedding, the loved-up passed a drug store. Bob suggested they go in. Mary, not sure what Bob wanted, obliged.

Bob asked to speak to the pharmacist. When the pharmacist came, Bob explained that he and Mary were about to get married.

He then asked, - "Do you sell heart medication?" 

+ "Of course, we do," the pharmacist replied. 

- "Medicine for rheumatism?" 

+ "Definitely," he said. 

- "How about Viagra?" 

+ "Of course." 

- "Medicine for memory problems, arthritis, jaundice?" 

Old couple walking while holding hands. | Photo: Pexels

Old couple walking while holding hands. | Photo: Pexels

+ "Yes, the works." 

- "What about vitamins, sleeping pills, Geritol, antacids?" 

+ "Absolutely." 

- "Do you sell wheelchairs and walkers?" 

+ "All speeds and sizes." 

Bob, impressed, said to the pharmacist:

"Good. We’d like to register for our wedding gifts here, please."


Here’s another joke about an elderly couple that will surely crack you up.

An elderly couple, who had both been widowed many years ago, had been going out with each other for quite some time before they considered the next step in their relationship.

Urged on by their friends, they decided it was perhaps finally time to take the leap and get married.

Before the wedding, they went out to dinner one night and had a long conversation regarding how their marriage might work, and what each would be doing in their relationship. 

Elderly couple holding hands. | Photo: Freepik

Elderly couple holding hands. | Photo: Freepik

They discussed finances, living arrangements, and everything else a healthy marriage and relationship needed.

Finally, the old gentleman decided it was time to broach the intimate subject of what would happen to their physical relationship.

"How do you feel about sex?" he asked his fiancee rather tentatively.

"I would like it infrequently," she replied.

The old gentleman sat quietly for a moment, unsure of something. Then he adjusted his glasses, and leaned over towards her and whispered,

"Is that one word or two?"

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