Devastated Mom Recalls Shattered Glass from a Falling Picture Frame that Killed Her 4-year-old

A Philadelphia mom burst into tears as she recalls the death of her son. Her little boy was playing in their home when he got impaled by a piece of glass.

Accidents happen, and at times they leave a massive vacuum in the hearts of the victims. Jeannette Reyes reported on ABC 6 at noon on Thursday morning that a 4-year-old boy identified as Adrian Ortega died after a domestic-turned-fatal accident.

Amanda Velez laments about her son's fatal injury | Photo: Twitter/Jeannette Reyes

Amanda Velez laments about her son's fatal injury | Photo: Twitter/Jeannette Reyes

Philadelphia cops say Adrian died in his home on Wednesday night after a shard from a falling picture frame pierced through his abdomen.The broadcaster also took to Twitter to share the sad story accompanied by an interview video of the boy's mother.

The footage was taken during Action News' interview with the victim's mother, Amanda Velez onThursday morning. The video featured the young woman broke into tears as she recalls the terrible event that surrounded the death of her only son.

With so much grief over her son who had just bid the world farewell, Amanda said

"I carried (Adrian). I birthed him. I was with him."

Flashback to the early hours of Wednesday evening, Amanda's late son and her two daughters were playing in their home when she heard a shattering sound of a falling picture frame.

Amanda told police that she had gone to use the bathroom for less than 60 seconds and she rushed out when she heard Adrian groaned "Mummy" with lots of blood gushing out of his pierced abdominal wall.Velez, who tried everything she could to save her boy, said "his eyes started rolling behind his head" when she laid him.

Adrian died a few minutes after the family's arrival at St. Christopher's Hospital. Amanda revealed that the doctors couldn't accurately tell her the cause of her son's death because they never got the chance to operate on him. ABC notes that further investigations will be made concerning the boy's death which will hopefully provide answers to the bereaved's questions.

Authorities filed no charges as it was a pure accident.While more inquiries are being made to find answers in the ongoing investigation, Amanda says it isdifficult to help a little girl comprehend the magnitude of this loss.

Amanda Velez laments about her son's fatal injury | Photo: Twitter/Jeannette Reyes

Amanda Velez laments about her son's fatal injury | Photo: Twitter/Jeannette Reyes

About her daughters' reaction to the loss of their only brother, Amanda said  

"My baby he was so full of joy. His sisters miss him."

The girls, ages 2 and 5, were said to have questioned their mother about why Adrian died. Daily News says that the neighbors of the bereaved also find it difficult to understand how such a terrible event can happen in such a short while.

A certain Edward Rodriguez, who lives on their street, said people got so emotional when the news got to them.

"It's just a shame because they are so well loved, so well loved that ...when it happened, it just went up and down the neighborhood like lightning... people were crying."

It is always hard losing a child, such a sad occurence. Here are some tips to keeping kids safe at home.

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