Joseline Hernandez Gets Harshly Slammed for Dressing Baby Bella like a ‘Mess’ as She Goes to School

Joseline Hernandez, best known for her relationship with Stevie J, received backlash once again due to the clothes she chose for her daughter as she went to school.

In the image, two-year-old Bonnie Bella appeared posing next to a tree wearing silver shoes, pink socks, a long navy skirt, a striped navy and pink shirt, a red sweater tied around her neck, and a big red bow.

The girl was looking at the camera with a serious look in her face while placing her arms behind her back. For the caption, the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess wrote, “on my way to school like a good girl!”


Even though several people considered that Bonnie looked good, several others took to the comment section to share their negative thoughts.

"Enough is enough! You have a beautiful daughter but why does she always look a mess?!" pointed out one user.

“Yo why u be having this baby looking like this meanwhile u all glamed up. She look like she from a whole different era from way way back, in a foreign country,” [sic] admitted a second follower.

“Jocelyn girl I love you so much but you do not know how to dress in a little girl she be having all type of colors,” [sic] wrote another person.

Thankfully for Joseline, several people defended her and Bonnie by calling out “grown folks” for writing negative comments about a two-year-old girl and saying that nothing was wrong about her beautiful style.


Unfortunately, it is not the first time that Stevie J’s ex-partner has faced backlash over the clothes Bonnie wears. In January, the girl appeared wearing pink shoes, yellow pants, a pink tutu, a blue sweater, and a pink beanie hat with pompoms.

Again, her post attracted a lot of attention from people who considered that Bonnie looked like an old homeless person and that Joseline should dress her age-appropriately.

Joseline Hernandez with her daughter and "Bella's favorite girl" in the child's school | Source: Instagram/Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez with her daughter and "Bella's favorite girl" in the child's school | Source: Instagram/Joseline Hernandez


Joseline seems to be an easy target for Internet critics as they also dragged her over the clothes she wore while attending her daughter’s school party. She opted for a revealing, tiny, body-hugging, pink dress with cutouts on the side and a revealing neckline.

Instagram users considered it was “too much” for a children’s party, added that it was supposed to be her daughter’s daughter, an even urged her to put some clothes on “for once.” One follower even pointed out that Joseline should learn how to dress properly for any occasion.

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