Michael Strahan Switches Lives with 'GMA' Co-Host Sara Haines, Babysits Her Children for a Day

Michael Strahan's fatherly skills are tested as he takes on babysitting duties for his co-host Sara Haines in a hilarious new episode of their show, "Strahan and Sara." 

He's a father himself so it shouldn’t be a problem for Michael Strahan to babysit his co-host Sara Haines’ children for a day. That’s exactly what he did in a "Life Swap" episode of “Good Morning America’s” third-hour spinoff, “Strahan and Sara.” But things didn’t go as expected.  

Michael appeared to have everything under control at the beginning of the show’s preview clip. He entertains Sara’s 14-month old daughter, Sandra while feeding her baby food. 

“Mmm mmm mmm, delicious! It’s so good!” he says, enticing the little girl to eat by offering her a spoon. But Sandra is unimpressed and turns her back on him. 

Then the clip cuts to Michael playing with Sara’s older son, Alec, who’s turning three. They engage in some fort-building using pillows and stuffed animals. He also plays him the ukulele and sings to him a made-up song that goes, 

“Hey Alec, You’re such a good boy.”

While it seems Michael nailed his babysitting duties, the clip cuts to Sara getting a call from the father-of-four while she’s playing a virtual golf game. 

 “Hello? Michael? Are those my kids screaming?” she asks and later says, “Okay … you need me there now.”

It’s safe to assume that Michael dialed 911, aka Sara, to get some help. Fans learned more about it during the show’s actual airing on Monday. View the segment below. 

Michael and Sara have been trying to keep “Strahan and Sara” afloat ever since it debuted late last year. The extended segment of “Good Morning America” which airs on weekdays for an hour beginning at 1 pm was an ambitious move by ABC. It aims to offer fans an additional hour of less headlines and more heartwarming stories while banking on the popularity and pull of its morning flagship show. The segment was originally called “GMA Day” but was rebranded to “Strahan and Sara” early this year. 

Michael was Kelly Ripa’s former co-host in “Live! With Kelly and Michael” until he left the show in 2016 to accept a job in “Good Morning America.” Kelly was caught off-guard by the decision and didn’t take it well. She even took a week off after learning the news as a form of protest. Her relationship with Michael has been strained since then.

Meanwhile, Sara left “The View” in favor of “Good Morning America” in the summer of 2018. There were rumors that her departure had something to do with a feud with co-host Meghan McCain but she also admitted wanting to be a co-host for a tandem show like Kelly and Michael. 

Sara and Michael have great on-screen chemistry going and this is what’s making their show thrive despite other competition. Fans can expect more delightful stories from this tandem as their show progresses. 

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