Bottle Feeding Mom Furious to Discover Her Kid Was Breastfed for Months at Day Care

A single mother has been in the act of leaving her baby in the hands of a daycare provider during weekdays. She was shocked, however, when she found out that her baby was being breastfed by another woman.

The single mom had adopted the child, and since she cannot lactate, she bottle-fed her. As a working mother, she usually left her daughter in the hands of a home daycare provider, who had two children of her own.

She had no reason to be worried as the services the daycare was providing seemed impressive. While writing to the "Slate’s Dear Prudence Column," the aggrieved mom revealed that the daycare owner had always been against formula milk, but she paid no attention to her objection.

She was met with a horrific picture, however, when she arrived at the daycare last Friday, much earlier than usual due to her closing early from work. She went into the daycare through the side door, which did not require knocking, and caught the daycare provider nursing her baby.

A baby is being breastfed | Photo: Shutterstock

A baby is being breastfed | Photo: Shutterstock

Enraged, the anonymous single mom grabbed her baby and confronted the daycare provider, who insisted that she should be grateful to her instead for what she had been doing, as she was saving the baby from chemicals.

The aggrieved mother left angrily with her baby but has since been in a state of confusion as to what to do next, whether to report the daycare provider to her supervisor, expose the matter on social media or let other parents know of her doings.

The baby's aunt, horrified at the episode, insisted that the case should be reported as it was a huge breach of trust and a total violation.

Reacting to the matter, Pediatrician Wendy Sue Swanson, while speaking with "Baby Center," said that while breastfeeding another woman’s child was a common practice in the ancient climes, it is not ideal in the modern world in which we live.

This is because a child breastfed by another woman can be exposed to the possibility of infections such as HIV, Herpes, and Hepatitis, which can all be passed through breast milk as well as bacterial infections such as yeast and some common viruses.

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