Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga Still under Scrutiny after Spending Most of Oscars Afterparty Together

Everyone saw Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform during the Oscars and the chemistry they showed while playing "Shallow". Obviously, the fans immediately wondered if there is something else behind their relationship.

Cooper has been with Irina Shayk since 2015, with which she has a son in common. A matter that has not prevented him from being caught by the cameras holding hands with Gaga in the after party of the Oscars.

After the gala, the most prominent celebrities and other representatives of the academy moved from the Dolby Theater to the party organized by Warner Bros. in the bungalows of San Vicente, an exclusive venue located in West Hollywood.

That's where some of the most tender cuddles shot, once again, the alerts of this idyll that seems furtive. In some photos taken exclusively by the Daily Mail, we can see how the actors just can’t let go of each other.

While Gaga and Cooper embraced, according to those present throughout the night, Shayk remained in the shadows without appearing too amazed at the situation.

Coming from Shayk, this is a strange posture that only increases the mystery around the duo that was crowned thanks to the interpretation of the song 'Shallow' they gave a few hours before.

The sudden engagement break with Christian Carino, that the singer reported last week, did nothing but unleash more rumors about a possible love relationship between Gaga and Cooper.

Perhaps, that was the strategic move that would guarantee the perfect publicity that the duo needed before the gala. And if so, that decision would be an act to give carte blanche to the most anticipated romance of the year.

It seems that Cooper had much to do with the disagreement of Gaga and Carino, who would have recognized that the figure of the actor in the life of his ex-fiancée was not at all pleasant.

In fact, it was too constant a presence that would have ended up wearing away the union, to the point that the cancellation of the wedding could have been a matter of jealousy.

NCIS actress Jennifer Esposito married Bradley Cooper in 2006 and left him four months later. She also wrote a book that included a small piece in which she talked about "all the red flags" that she decided not to see in her relationship with Bradley.

A couple of days ago, when David Spade published a photo of the performance of Gaga and Bradley in the Oscars and asked the public: "Is there any chance that these 2 are not [expletive]?", Esposito responded in a very particular way; she commented a small HA and left quickly.

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