Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Settle Custody Battle over Daughter Dream

After such a bitter custody battle over their daughter Dream, people thought it would be impossible for Rob and Blac Chyna to ever get along again. Miracles do happen, however, as the two of them have revealed they've been having a great time co-parenting their child whom they want nothing but the best for. 

Rob and Chyna are done fighting with one another and are even complimenting each other's parenting skills, and it's something people never expected to see again after their back-and-forth banter during the time of their court case. 

With most of their relationship under the spotlight a couple of years back, both Blac and Rob felt the need to let their supporters know that all is well between the two of them, and they're doing this for the sake of their daughter Dream. 

Chyna tweeted that both of their only concern is the best interest of their daughter, whom she says both of them equally love. She complimented her ex-fiancee, saying that Robert is a wonderful dad to "Dreamy."

Likewise, Rob confirmed the news that he and Blac are on good terms and that they don't have any pending or active custody cases. 

In the past couple of months, the former "Rob & Chyna" stars have been at each other's throats, trying to prove who's more fit to take care of their daughter.

They fought over what they could and could not do while Dream was in their custody, including a rule that they couldn't introduce new lovers to the child for the first six months of the relationship. 

Rob also criticized Chyna's $20,000 child support maintenance demand, saying that she currently earns more than him.

The sock designer said that it's unfair for him to be paying such an amount when they take care of their child equally. 

Now, the two of them need not worry to settle any disputes in court anymore, as they've finally agreed to let their anger towards one another go for the sake of their child. 

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