Michelle Obama Reveals She Sobbed for 30 Minutes Immediately after Leaving The White House

Michelle Obama opened up about the tearful day she said goodbye to the White House and boarded Air Force One for the last time. She revealed the reason she cried for 30 minutes that day. 

She lived in the White House for two presidential terms so it’s no surprise Michelle Obama was in tears when she said goodbye to the home her children grew up in for eight years. 

Michelle opened up about the day she left the White House while promoting her book, “Becoming” in Austin. She described to event host, Rachel Ray her emotions boarding Air Force One for the last time after Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

“I sobbed for like 30 minutes. That day was hard for so many reasons. Getting on that plane, I was finally able to release how hard that journey was.”

Michelle told Oprah Winfrey the same thing in a previous interview about that final goodbye. She explained her tears were from the realization that it was hard work trying to be perfect in the eyes of the public for eight years. And leaving the White House was a release.

Among other things Michelle discussed with Rachel and her sold-out audience at the Frank Erwin Center, were the adjustments she had to make after her husband was sworn in office.  She said it was always a struggle to keep her family together with President Barack Obama’s schedules often packed. So she made sure to keep a schedule with her children and stick to it regardless of whether her husband could join them or not. It was important for Michelle to send out a message that she wasn’t going to wait around for her husband. Their life goes on.

When asked if she would consider the possibility of returning to the White House in the future if she herself ran for president, Michelle was also firm with her answer.

“Nope, nope, nope.”

She explains, “It’s not us occupying the same seats, it’s making room." 

Michelle’s book has become a bestselling phenomenon since it was launched a few months back. Just a week after its release on November 13, it sold 1.4 million copies. This makes her memoir the highest selling of all memoirs written by former first ladies. The book is currently on its 15th week on the New York Times' bestseller list. 

Michelle explains to Rachel that she wrote her book to inspire others to share their stories. 

"Our job is not to let other people make us strangers to one another,” she concluded.

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