March 05, 2019

Amazing Uses for Listerine That Not Many People Know About

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In almost every home, Listerine is used as mouthwash. Unknown to many, however, this mouthwash with antiseptic content does more than "kill germs that cause bad breath."

Just like VapoRub which is widely used as a remedy for cold but has many other uses, Listerine also has other good uses.


Here are some of them: 

1. Removes bad trash odor:

Does your trash stink? Pour Listerine on a paper towel and throw it in the bin to eliminate bad odor. 

2. Removes Lice:

Washing out Head lice in the hair of a child | Photo: Shuttershock


Do you have lice in your hair? Don't worry about getting out of the house to find a remedy. Apply some Listerine to your hair and cover it for two hours. Wash it with shampoo and the lice will disappear. 

3. Deodorant: 

Out of sprays but afraid to go out because of a smelly armpit? Put some Listerine on a small piece of cotton wool and use it to clean your armpit.

4. Disinfect your clothes:

Man with rubber protective gloves washing and disinfecting clothes


Pour some Listerine into your washing machine while putting in a load of laundry to disinfect your clothes. 

5. Removes Dandruff:

Rub some Listerine into your hair and wash it off with shampoo to eliminate dandruff.  

6. Clean your toilet:

A woman cleans a bathroom toilet | Photo: Shutterstock


Listerine works magic when you pour a little of it into your toilet, let it soak in for some minutes, then brush it off. 

7. Good for new piercings:

Putting a drop of Listerine on your new piercing can relieve all the hurt. 

8. Speed up the healing of bruises:

The antiseptic content of Listerine makes it heal injuries faster. Clean your cut with Listerine to get a speedy healing process.

9. Acne Fighter:

Portrait of beautiful young Afro-American woman taking care of her skin | Photo; Shutterstock


Add some Listerine to a small amount of water and use it to wash your face to remove acne. 

10. Works as a Flea-free spray for dogs:

Pour some Listerine into the water and use it to wash your puppy. It works excellently. 

11. Screen cleaner:

Woman cleaning window at home | Photo: Shutterstock


Listerine works perfectly for having a clear screen. Apply some to a soft cloth and use it to wipe your screen. 

12. Prevents itching:

Put some Listerine on the affected area to stop the itching.

13. Clean your feet:

Feet soaked in warm soapy water | Photo: Shutterstock

Do you want to get rid of dry feet?  Add some Listerine to a bowl of warm water and put your legs in it for 30 minutes. Works wonders! 

With all the uses of Listerine above, it is safe to say that Listerine is not only fit for the bathroom.