50-year-old Hugh Jackman flaunts with his perfect body on the pacific beach

Hugh Jackman is in top form as seen in the pictures where he appears on Bondi Beach.

Hugh Jackman is in his native land to present his musical tour "The Man. The Music. The Show", which will start in August, and made a stop to relax at the spectacular and famous Bondi Beach, in Sydney, where he took the opportunity to dive into the warm waters of the Pacific.

If there is a place that Jackman frequently visits and adores, it is Bondi Beach. An expanse of sand of little more than a kilometer long that happens to be the most famous in the city and that usually appears on every postcard.

For the actor, "is one of the most spectacular places you can see in life" and he goes there to both relax and stay in shape.

The entertainment is served throughout the year in this emblematic place, where you can attend a kite contest as well as a surfing championship or a concert.

Of course, it is important to limit the baths to the recommended areas, because outside of them the waters are quite rough, something that Hugh himself experienced when he had to save his son and help some other swimmer to get out of them because of the force of its currents.

The "Wolverine" is truly a great father and also, a great husband. Last year, he and his wife Deborrah-Lee Furness just celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, a rare feat for a Hollywood couple who’s also sharing a 13-year age gap.

Since meeting on the set of the ABC drama ‘Correlli’ in 1995, tying the knot in 1996, and adopting their two children, Oscar and Ava, the couple have managed to stay strong and ageless.

Hugh has also been very outspoken about the positive role his wife plays in his life and career and he recognizes how much she’s sacrificed for him.