A Priest Who Is Fond of Golf Calls in Sick to Enjoy Some Tee Time

One Sunday morning, a priest addicted to golf was so relieved to finally wake up to a bright and beautiful day after weeks of bad weather.

Torn between heading to the golf course and going to work at Church, he decides to call in sick. He cleverly drove to a new golf club in the next town to avoid bumping into anyone he knew.

He sets up his shot and makes a perfect swing. 

From heaven, God and St. Peter witnessed everything. And just as the ball flew through the air, God waved his hand, and the ball landed on the green, made one precise bounce, and rolled straight into the hole. 

This confused St. Peter who had to ask God, “A hole-in-one? Why did you do that? Why didn’t you punish him?”

God replied, “But I did punish him! He won’t be able to tell a soul about it.”

Source: startsat60.com

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