Tiny Dog Says 'Thank You' in an Incredible Way to Woman Who Rescued Her

Junie Sihlangu
Mar 07, 2019
10:34 A.M.

In a story that shows the true human spirit and how much we connect with animals, an animal rescuer rescued a disabled dog. When she got the dog, it was shaking and wrapped in a blanket.


However, the two soon formed a bond as the canine realized it was now safe and sound. The new pet couldn’t help but thank its new owner in a special way.

Angela Adan is an animal rescuer from Tehachapi, California. She takes in dogs that other people have discarded and sometimes left for dead.


In a video clip released last month, she explained how she rarely got emotional when taking in a stray. However, her newest addition managed to pull at her heartstrings and had her in tears within minutes of them meeting.

Adan had followed a tip to find the little dog and she drove for four hours to fetch the lucky dog. When she received the dog, she was wrapped in a blanket she’d been swaddled in.

The good Samaritan realized how extremely tiny the chihuahua mix was. It also had a variety of medical issues including bulging eyes, too many teeth, and splayed front legs that make it nearly impossible for her to walk.

The canine’s appearance didn’t discourage her as she stroked and brushed it. Surprisingly, the dog suddenly tilted its head up and began to lick its rescuers face.

At that moment, Adan realized the dog was thanking her for the help and kindness. She immediately took her back home to join her other pets.


Adan explained:


“There are moments when I know that dogs are truly thanking me, and this was absolutely one of those moments. She knows she’s safe and cared for now.”

The little girl was named Freddie Mercury and she soon found her images posted on Adan’s Instagram account, Deserving Dogs and her own private account, Ready Freddie. She wasn’t able to walk properly, so her rescuer taught her to walk on her hind legs like the T-Rex.


In the clip, Freddie is seen giving her new owner kisses even though she might not live for very long due to her health problems. Adan said, “People often ask me how do I do it? How can you foster a special needs dog knowing she could pass away at any day? The answer is simple, dogs teach me to just have fun and to be in the moment.”

She further elaborated:

“I do my best to just enjoy this time right here, right now, and not worry about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Life is short, take breaks when you need it and just enjoy the moment you have right this second.”


Freddie’s loving owner added:

“She’s so deserving just like they all are, but there’s something very special about this one. She just looks at you with pure gratitude.”

The two seem happy together and that’s all that truly counts.


In another tale of love at first sight, a man found two kittens under his house after hearing a suspicious noise. Having been laid off work not long ago, the man had time on his hands to look after the two cats.

He explained:

“Caring for them and watching them grow was and is one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in my life. Every few hours we were feeding, burping, and cleaning the little babies. They both started to grow bigger and stronger. Their eyes opened and they started to develop some personality.”

A year later, the two cats had grown up and their owner had named them Inky and Sue. The 31-year-old man revealed how the cats had come into his life when he needed it the most.

Ultimately, they saved each other and the man couldn’t be more thankful for his pets.

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