Jennifer Lopez Teases Alex Rodriguez with Alluring Dance before Announcing Engagement

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez enjoyed a romantic weekend getaway with one another, which turned out to be a surprise engagement for the superstar. Before their engagement announcement, JLo teased her beau with a dance by the beach which set the mood for their vacation. 

JLo and ARod got some well-deserved rest over the weekend, sharing bits and pieces of their tropical vacation. In one video, the former New York Yankee star player shared a video of Jennifer dancing to Bad Bunny and Drake's new single called "Mia."

Dressed in leggings, a plain white shirt, a black sweatshirt, and sneakers, the actress danced before flashing Alex a smile and turning away from the camera. 

On her own profile, the "On The Floor" singer shared a selfie taken by ARod with her posing in a green bikini. 


Their getaway photos were succeeded by a shocking surprise: an announcement of their engagement. The former athlete popped the question with a huge diamond ring, which they both showed off at the same time. 

After two years together, Alex decided it was finally time to ask his lovely girlfriend to marry him. Being the superstar that she is, he knew that Jennifer deserved nothing but the best ring, which is why he decided to get her a massive clear diamond rock. 

The lovely couple looked as if they were already married in the past two years, as the way they lived their life mirrored that of a married couple. They have been living together, taking care of each other's children and spending the holidays together as a blended family. They're almost always seen side-by-side at events shows, dinner dates, and even simple errands days, that it's hard to remember that they weren't engaged just yet. 

Now, though, Alex decided to make it clear that Jennifer was to be his partner forever, to which of course, she said yes to. 

Congratulations, JLo and ARod! This definitely calls for a dance celebration.