Ludacris Dragged after Saying Daughter with Wife Eudoxie Is 'a Half-African Light Skinned Baby'

Ludacris didn't see it coming when a clip of his daughter became a subject of controversy. His caption where he described her as half-African and light-skinned led fans to slam him for his ignorance. 

Rapper Ludacris finds himself in the hot seat after his description of his daughter led to a debate about colorism. 

The proud father shared a clip of his daughter Cadence adorably dancing in the backseat of his car but opted to highlight another aspect of her in his caption. 

“When you’re raising a Half-African light skinned Baby,” he wrote. 

While it would seem like Ludacris was speaking the truth – Cadence is half-African because her mother, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue is from Gabon and her father is American, and she does have light skin, fans didn’t appreciate the confusing comment. 

Many accused the rapper of equating his daughter’s light skin to her being less of an African. 

“Lmao I always thought you were an ignorant weirdo. Caption proves,” one wrote.

“What does her complexion have to do with anything?” another person said. 

“#colorism at it’s finest and of course it’s always our own black men perpetuating it,” another added. 

And more negative comments came pouring in. 

“They be so proud to have light skin babies. They cant help themselves…smh my poor people”

“The captions took away from the video. What time [sic] foolery is this, half African half light skin.. as if light skin is its own separate race. F–k outta here @ludacris”

"He said half African light skinned baby??? Has he never been to Africa? Are all Africans dark skinned? Is that how he identifies his children! He is perpetuating the age-old colorist argument within our community. We can’t scream racism and prejudice when WE still think like this?”

The comments, however, weren’t limited to Ludacris’ social media page. Soon after, Twitter was flooded with more hate towards the entertainer.

Luckily for the star, there were those who refused to assume they knew what he was talking about and defended him. 

“Why do people think he’s unaware of light-skinned Africans? He’s visited there he knows! He’s also not incorrect about his daughter being half-African, she’s only half he’s American. And if he wants to talk about his light-skinned daughter so f’kg whaaaaat?! She’s HIS daughter! We have no idea what context he’s using it in; people are assuming he’s praising her skin tone, it could be a joke, perhaps if she was a little darker he’d say caramel or chocolate drop. People joke and say stop acting light skinned all the time, hashtag melanin popping and black girl magic… no one knows except for him and Eudoxie what he meant.”

So much for a happy drive with his daughter. What was supposed to be a proud moment for Ludacris has turned into a debate that he probably didn’t see coming. Why would he? He often shares clips and photos of the 3-year-old and never got slammed for it. He proudly shared a photo of Cadence meeting her great grandparents for the first time during a trip to Gabon, a clear sign that he was delighted about his daughter’s African roots and wanted her to be acquainted with it.

Fans should realize that maybe Ludacris’ context for saying his daughter was half-African was a good thing. He could have said she was half-American but didn’t. 

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