Family Seeks a Priest for Help with Having Children

Comfort Omovre
Mar 13, 2019
09:51 P.M.
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A couple was trying so hard to have children, but all to no avail. At long last, they resort to seeking the help of a priest to find a solution to their childless issue.


A married couple had gone years without bearing any fruit of the womb. This bothered them so much especially the wife, as she feels she is barren and can’t get pregnant.

A Couple | Photo: Getty Images



The couple then finally agree to go and seek the help of a priest, hoping to find a lasting and holy solution to their travails.

They get to the Priest’s office and knock the door. The priest who seems to be packing welcomes them. After hearing about their problem, she tells them that they came at the right time. Her superior has sent her to Rome on a mission that will last ten years.

She assures them that she will light a candle for them as soon as she gets to Rome. The couple is thankful and wishes the priest travel mercies. Their minds are at rest as they believe that their problem would soon be over, and a fruitful solution was on its way.


Fast forward to ten years. The priest has completed her Roman assignment and returns home. As soon as she gets home, she remembers the couple and quickly goes to visit them. She gets to their door and begins to hear loud, chaotic noises from the house.

She knocks, and the wife opens the door. As soon as she opens the door, the priest sights three little children under her arms, two under her skirt, a few others playing around her with some others giggling behind her. Her final count of the children is ten. However, there is no sign of her husband.

Woman with Children | Photo: Getty Images


Bewildered and surprised, the priest asks after her husband. The wife who wears a tired look on her face then replies:

“My husband is in Rome.”

Surprised at her answer, the utterly baffled priest asks, “Rome? Why on earth would he go to Rome?”

The wife then again replies:

“He has gone to blow out that candle that you lit!”

Laughs. There is definitely power in a priest’s prayer, especially when it is backed up with a lit candle.

That is our joke of the day. I hope you enjoyed every bit of it. Enjoy your day and be happy. Cheers. 

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