Woman Allegedly Cruelly Thrashed over Her MAGA Hat

A young woman claimed that she was physically attacked for wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

Haley Maddox took to Instagram to share about the incident, posting a photo of her bruised face.

Maddox lashed out at “hateful liberals” in a separate Instagram post.

“On Saturday night me and my girlfriends were viciously attacked by an entire bar of people, men and women included, for wearing MAGA hats,” she says in an Instagram video, adding:

“We did not go in with the intentions of starting a fight. We were just wearing our MAGA hats out on a Saturday and we wanted to show our support for Texas Independence week.”


This incident took place days after a Trump supporter was kicked out of a New York City bar for wearing a MAGA visor. In another incident, a 14-year-old boy accused a school bus aide of removing his MAGA cap.

Maddox lashed out at “hateful liberals” in a separate Instagram post.

“If you think I love Trump enough to die for him, then you are a sick person,” she wrote.


She added: “There are more and more nuts out there every day. If you can't wake up to the nightmare America is becoming....then you are only hiding your head in the sand while the sick people continue to hurt us all. 

"This is still America, and I still believe people can change. I believe our nation can move forward, but we need to hold the real people committing real hate crimes accountable before a Trump supporter actually does die from the hatred the LEFT has created in so many good-hearted people out there.”


Another widely reported incident is that of a high school student who was allegedly denied to wear her MAGA hat on campus.

Maddie Mueller, a student at Clovis High School, in California, was forbidden of sporting the MAGA piece because it violated the school's dress code.

Muller wanted to sport the hat with President Donald Trump's campaign slogan as part of a request from her conservative activist group: the Valley Patriots.

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