Angela Simmons Gets Bashed for Having 'Big Feet' after Posting a Seductive Photo

Founder of Built Not Bought, Angela Simmons was recently dragged for the size of her feet after she posted a picture, shown below, of herself on Instagram. 

Angela Simmons, the daughter DJ Rev Run, recently shared an alluring image of herself on Instagram. While the image was stunning, some fans only focused on the star's feet. 

The 31-year-old has no issues poking fun at her own flaws. However, she might have been blindsided by the recent backlash she received from her post.

She took to the social media platform on March 6 to share a seductive photo of herself posing on a couch. Simmons wore a pink mini dress from Fashion Nova that showed off her bare arms, legs and feet.

She captioned the photo of herself, “You Give Me Feels.” However, fans seemed to be distracted by her apparently oversized feet.

“Hot af but damn those feet big,” wrote one fan. Another added, “Wear ya right size shoes hun…i see [corn emoji] on them toes and big feet." 

However, not all fans felt her feet being on the bigger side was a bad thing. One fan commented:

“Ya feet long as hell love...a fine big foot mama!”

Other users completely overlooked her feet and focused on how beautiful Simmons looked in the pic. Many took to the comments to share their appreciation of her looks.

“My, how you have blossomed into a beautiful woman in your own right! Truly beautiful!” commented one user.

The mother of one is no stranger to criticism. While she has steeled herself to it, Simmons revealed that as a teenager, she suffered from a lot of body issues, including low self-esteem.

She seems to be in a much better place recently. Last year, the star even posted a pic of herself wearing a skimpy orange swimsuit and captioned it “No photoshop, this is real life.” 

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