March 18, 2019

Miami Police under Fire after Video Shows Cops Violently Arresting Black Mom Who Called for Help

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Miami Police are now experiencing severe backlash after a video of Miami-Dade officers violently arresting a black mother has gone viral on the internet. 

A mother and her daughter cried for help after someone pulled a gun on them, but it ended up with the mother being violently arrested by a group of Miami-Dade officers. 


In the video, the woman, identified to be Dyma Loving, requested the officers to "please calm down." Afterward, a police officer could be heard saying "She needs to be Baker Acted if anything," which translates to "she needs to be put in a mental hospital."


Upon hearing this, Dyma asks why this is the case when hers and her daughter's lives have been threatened. The woman filming the video also asked the officers to stop, as they lunged at Loving and grabbed her wrists to handcuff them. 


Loving did not try to fight back, but another officer grabs her in a headlock and decides to pull her to the ground anyway. 

According to the victim, she and her friend Adrianna Green just left home when one of their neighbors began shouting insults at them. While they first ignored the insult, Green eventually had enough and threw a plant into the neighbor's yard, whom they've identified as Frank Tumm. It was then that Tumm pulled out a shotgun who threatened to "shoot [her] burnt black [expletive] face off [her] neck."


When the officers arrived, she recalled officer Alejandro Giraldo pulling up and interrogating both of them like they were the suspects. 

"He was so rude and aggressive from the get-go. He kept telling me I needed to calm down, but I was so scared at that moment."

Both Loving's statements and police reports confirm that the victim had not behaved physically aggressive, nor did she threaten any officers prior to Officer Giraldo's violent behavior. 


A Detroit native who worked at a nearby Panera Bread restaurant who saw the incident said that the officers did not detain Tumm at all, who pulled the gun on the women. 

Meanwhile, Miami-Dade County made sure to announce that they have relieved Giraldo of his duty, and a more thorough investigation is on-going. However, Loving says that it is not enough. 

"I think he needs to be permanently relieved of duty. That's no way for an officer to treat anyone. I was asking for help."


After the incident, Loving, with a swollen back and arms, was arrested for disorderly conduct and spent four hours at the back of a police car before being booked at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where she stayed until posting a $150 bond at 3 AM the next day. 

Following the investigation, Frank Tumm was arrested on Thursday and was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was booked in the same correctional center as Loving, but his bail was posted at $5000. 

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