Outrage as Disabled Man Turned Away from a Nightclub on His 30th Birthday for the 'Wrong Clothes'

30-year-old Jamie Lee Jones had his birthday night out plans thwarted by the door staff at Vibe Club because he was not well dressed.

On his 30th birthday, Jamie, after an evening spent at a family bash decided to go and join his stepfather at a Club. The hangout would be Jamie's first time at a club, and the young man was excited about it.

Upon arrival with Mum, Tracey at Vibe Club, James headed for the door but was halted by the door staff. Jamie, who was deaf and had cerebral palsy, fluid on the brain, asthma, and epilepsy was surprised at the door staff's attitude.

The deaf man, who was hurt about the denial expressed his need to go in to his Mum using sign language. Upon inquiry, Tracey was told her son could not go in because of his clothes.

Jamie had shorts on, and Tracey took him home to change into trousers. Sadly, despite the change of clothes, Jamie was denied access a second time because the trousers he changed into had no zip.

Tracey explained to the door staff that Jamie wore trousers that had no zip because that was the trousers that enabled the disabled man to use the toilet by himself.

Sadly, despite all of Tracey's explanations, Jamie was not allowed in.

Tracey who was also deeply angered criticized the club management saying:

"they need to have some understanding of people with disabilities."

The management of Vibe Club has extended their apologies to Jamie and his family and promised to speak to door staff about better treatment of disabled people.

Cases of disabled people being denied access to flights without a chaperone and ill-treatments because of their disabilities happen all over the globe.

Following Jamie's ill-treatment at Vibe, members of the public have clamored for better treatment of disabled people.

Jamie and his family continue to receive notes of love and support from people around the world. Hopefully, the 30-year-old will recover from his ruined birthday evening in good time.

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