R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Joins 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' Cast as He Faces 10 Abuse Charges

Andrea “Drea” Kelly, the ex-wife of the infamous singer R. Kelly, is one of the newest members confirmed for the upcoming season of “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

As ET exclusively confirmed, Drea will be joining T-Boz, Waka Flocka, and Tammy Rivera for the next season of the show, which will return to WE TV this summer.

During an interview Kelly’s ex-wife had with the outlet, she said that even though she didn’t know what being Kelly’s child was like, “I only know what it’s like to be his ex-wife,” making clear that she would not be kind about the singer.


The ex-couple was married from 1996 to 2009. While they were together for more than a decade, their relationship was very negative, and the lady revealed during the docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly” that he abused her.

Apart from her statement in the show, Drea took to Instagram to share a screenshot of what the website Psychology Today posted about abusers’ tactics to make victims stay quiet and not report them.

For the caption, Drea wrote:

Thank God for his grace, guidance, love AND deliverance. I celebrate the women I am TODAY! Though some want ‘expose’ the pain filled, scared, abused women I was... STOP! I AM No longer afraid. No longer willing to silence my PAIN AND SUGARCOAT THE ABUSE I ENDURED because of how my abuser and his LEGAL TEAM were THREATENING to come against me if I ‘didn’t choose wisely [sic].’”


Drea also offered support to those people who are dealing with an abusive partner saying that they should not cover their bruises or lie about what happened to them to protect the other or their relationship.

“I only know what it’s like to be his ex-wife."

During Drea and Kelly’s marriage, they had three children – 21-year-old Joann, 19-year-old Jay, and 17-year-old Robert. Since Kelly didn’t pay for child support, he was taken into custody. However, a $161,663 payment was made on his behalf only three days later.


Kelly is going through a lot lately. Apart from the legal problem involving failed child support, he is also involved in an investigation for allegedly having a sex cult and making women stay with him against their will.

“Surviving R. Kelly,” the six-part documentary that Lifetime released, addresses most of the sexual abuse and misconduct allegations that the singer has faced. Gayle King, the journalist best known for “CBS This Morning,” had a very explosive interview with the man in which he tried to defend himself.

At some point, Kelly lost control, cried, stood up, and yelled at King. The journalist also interviewed two of the man’s “girlfriends,” as they called themselves, who categorically denied the allegations against him.


It is important to mention that one of the principal reasons Kelly’s sexual misconduct resurfaced was the #MeToo movement, which is a campaign against sexual harassment and assault.

Many celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, and Jennifer Lawrence, told their stories, encouraging other actresses and people to share their experience. Film producer Harvey Weinstein was one of the principal men affected as many women accused him of being abusive. 

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