Kenya Moore's Daughter Baby Brooklyn Looks Precious Flashing Big Smile in Cute Photo

Kenya Moore's new Instagram post is all the positive vibes needed to ensure a good day! If you need a reason to smile no matter what bugs you, then here is one. The recently shared cute picture of Kenya Moore’s daughter is one that can bring a smile to the most stone-faced human.

Kenya Moore’s baby daughter Brooklyn Daly is fast becoming an internet sensation with her adorable and cute pictures always melting hearts. The latest image of the toddler to hit Instagram shows her laughing hard while strapped in a car seat.

Kenya who is an alumnus of the reality TV show, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" always shares her "miracle" baby’s photos on social media, but this one sparked a whole load of smiles and some criticism for Kenya over the fixation of the car seat.

The bone of the criticism stemmed from what few saw as the wrong fixation of the baby in the car seat, saying she could be seriously harmed in the case of an accident.

Many fans and admirers of Kenya and her cute baby however hushed the critics, stating it was unsolicited advice and celebrity moms should be left to handle their kids their way.

Others kept their focus on the adorable baby Brooklyn, saying she keeps getting cuter with each passing day. Kenya, on the other hand, loves every moment spent with her child.

The 48-year-old had Brooklyn last year at an age which meant that there is a high chance of having complications. The pregnancy, labor, and delivery of Daly were all a scary process for the TV star. This prompted the proud mom to call her child a "miracle" baby.

Well, she is very right, Brooklyn’s photos are always gorgeous, infecting people with her radiance. Starting the day by looking at the duo could be the antidote to a happy, laugh-filled day. Kenya Moore is married to businessman Marc Daly.

Being a mother to a newborn baby comes with its challenges and Kenya Moore had to learn the hard way. The star revealed that she was kicked out of a restaurant while changing her baby’s diapers, a situation which she found embarrassing.

She, however, showed that she is learning about motherhood and its many lessons with the "Peanut" app which has helped her to connect with many other mothers, getting advice and support. Baby Brooklyn is well and truly in the right hands, and the good news is there are more smiles to come.

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