Mississippi Motorcyclist Dies after He Was Hit by State Trooper during Police Chase

A 19-year-old motorcyclist in Mississippi died on the spot after colliding with a state trooper during a police chase in the city on March 25.

Justin Collins lost his life in the crash involving a Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) trooper and a Yazoo County officer at 11:30 pm, reports WLBT.

According to Kervin Stewart, an MHP official that spoke with the news outlet, the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department got a call at 11:15 pm about several motorcycles drag racing close to the Yazoo City limits.

Friends and loved ones of the late teenager have taken to social media

Three of the motorcycles reportedly fled at high speed after sheriff deputies arrived on the scene, resulting in a police chase. Close to Yazoo City, one of the deputies’ cruisers collided with one of the motorcycles at an intersection.

The rider, Collins, was ejected from the machine and afterward, an MHP trooper who was also assisting with the chase hit him with his car. Yazoo County Coroner Ricky Shivers told WLBT that the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Mississippi Highway Patrol is also currently investigating the accident. Chief investigator Terry Gann has called for more witnesses to come forward.

Friends and loved ones of the late teenager have taken to social media with sorrowful words to mourn his death.

One Keisha Cole, who said she called Collins her son, posted a picture of the young man posing on a bike and wrote:

“I woke up to horrible news this morning. In the Bike life you meet some awesome people. I use to say he looks just like my son, so I called him that. I took this pic to show my baby, cause he loved bikes too. RIH JUSTIN. Please keep Game Changers MC and his family in your prayers. The tears wont stop.”

Sadly, a similar tragedy was recorded last November in Sheffield, England when three adults and a one-year-old baby lost their lives after their vehicle collided with another that was involved in a police chase.

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