Alicia Keys' Son Shows How Well He Can Defend Himself as Dad Asks Him Who Broke Toy Car

In the cute video shared below, Genesis Ali Dean was adamant as he defended himself to his father, Swizz Beatz who kept probing him about his broken toy. The four-year-old is growing up to be a brilliant young boy!

Singer and actress Alicia Keys shared a video of her beautiful four-year-old son, Genesis in an interrogation session with his father; the toddler was fierce as he answered the questions thrown his way. 

Although the mother of two seemed not too thrilled about the father-son dialogue, she seemed to love Genesis' replies to his dad's funny questions forwarded his way. Keys captioned the clip, 

"LEAVE MY BABY ALONE @therealswizzz !!! My mama lioness is coming out grrrrr!! ? ? They tryna trap me tho??? CUTEST ???."

In the clip, Swizz could be heard in the background continuously asking his son if he was the one who broke the toy car. In reply, the little man kept denying the claims, stating he had nothing to do with the toy and didn't damage it. 

But Swizz didn't give up and even jokingly told Genesis that the cops would be coming to get him cause of the broken toy car. To this, the toddler replied "they trying to trap me" which made the father of five burst into laughter. 

Genesis was not only cute; he defended himself boldly and stood by the fact that he had nothing to do with the damage of the toy car. The young boy is such a cutie, and he was seen at the iHeartRadio Music Awards flirting with singer, Taylor Swift.

The doting parents who got married in 2010 had their second child together, Genesis Ali Dean, in December 2014. This was after welcoming their first child in October 2010. The kids have a half brother, Kasseem Dean Jr. from Swizz previous relationship with Mashonda Tifrere. 

The Dean clan has over the years had some struggles with blending as a family which Keys detailed in her song, "Blended Family." Now, everything seems good, and they've all found a way to move forward as a truly "blended" family.

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