Donald Trump Jr Shares a Rare Photo of His Father Having a 'Great Time' with His Eldest Grandkids

Kai and Donnie are Donald Trump Jr.’s kids who had a blast with their grandpa President Donald Trump in Florida.

President Trump has nine grandchildren. While it is now a rare occurrence for him to see them all, he finds a way to have fun with them when they are together, as recently shared by his eldest son, Donald Jr. 

Donald Trump Jr. is the president’s first child and eldest son.  He and ex-wife Vanessa Kay Haydon share five children,  Kai, Donnie, Tristan, Spencer, and Chloe. 

Ivanka Trump-Kushner comes next, and she gave her father three of the nine grandkids he’s so proud of.  Arabella was born in 2011, Joseph in 2013, and Theodore in 2016.

Eric, who is the third child of Trump with first wife Ivana, welcomed his first child, Luke, with his wife Lara in 2017.

As the first wife, former model and businesswoman Ivana Trump plays the role of the other grandparent in this growing family. She has continued to be a part of the lives of her children and grandchildren. 

She recently came out with a reaction to the divorce of Donald Jr. and his wife, Vanessa.  Ivana’s empathy for her ex-daughter-in-law was apparent as she worried about her future saying, 

“Who is going to date and marry the woman who has five children? Especially since she is young and she might want to have more.”

The reason for the split was Donald Jr.’s infidelity. The situation hit too close to home for his mother, Ivana, calling to mind the whole Marla Maples affair.  The president eventually married Maples and had a daughter, Tiffany, with her.

Her advice on the divorce process was for them to settle things quickly because if it drags on it will become a more costly endeavor.  For her part, she accepted a settlement of $25 million.

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