Michael Strahan Shares Adorable Video of Him Dancing with Beautiful Twin Daughters While at Work

It's dance hour! Michael Strahan had his twin girls over at work, and the trio had a father-daughter dancing moment before the kids left. Although Micheal tried to keep up, it's clear who won the dance challenge in the video shared below.

Former American footballer, Michael Strahan knows how to have fun especially with his daughters; but when it comes to dancing with them, can he keep up? In the video shared on his Instagram page, the father of four is seen standing between his twins, (Isabella and Sophia) as they got ready to dance to a song. 

Once the music was on, Michael along with the girls started with their choreographed performance. The fun moves came to a halt when they could no longer hold themselves and burst into laughter due to the loads of fun they were having. 

Strahan captioned the video, 

"I think I got too into this LOL. ?? Love when my kids visit me at work. ❤️"


The "Good Morning America" host is known for his funny dance steps on the show. About three years ago, some black ballet dancers from "Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center" were invited to the program after a video of them dancing ballet on Facebook went viral. 

On the show, this group of girls offered to teach Michael how to dance and watching him try to mimic their steps was the funniest thing ever. 


Michael has come a long way from being a footballer, a Superbowl champion to owning his fashion line (Collection by Michael Strahan) and becoming a show host. The latest of all these accomplishments is his fashion label which initially comprised of suits (which is what he wears to work every day) but has now expanded to bags, underwear, swimwear, and athleisure. 

Regardless of all these, one thing that makes the 47-year-old feel fulfilled is being a father to his four children, Tanita Strahan, Sophia Strahan, Isabella Strahan,  and Michael Strahan Jr.The doting father is known to share adorable pictures of his kids on social media, and one of them is the dance clip.

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