Grief-Stricken Mom Admits She Can't Sleep Fearing Her Epileptic Son Could Die at Night

Rebelander Basilan
Mar 29, 2019
12:37 A.M.

Kia Carlton, of Clifton, York, has opened up about how she sits awake at night worrying her epileptic son could have a seizure and die.


In a recent interview with York Press, Kia, 30, revealed that she looks out for her 10-year-old son Taran as he sleeps on the off chance that he has an epileptic fit, which could be deadly.

"There are charities who raise awareness, but there are no charities or organizations that give financial support to families."

The mother has already had to deal with the heartbreaking loss of her 11-month-old daughter Telan, who passed away from sudden infant death syndrome seven years ago.



Kia told the news outlet that she found it hard to live with Taran's condition after losing Telan.

"If he had a seizure and didn’t come out of it I could lose him as well. I find it really hard to live with," she said. "With my daughter passing away it’s constantly on my mind, it’s very difficult to sleep. Me and my mum watch over him when he’s sleeping."


The single mother continued that it can take Taran up to three days to recuperate from a seizure. Sadly, she can't bear the cost of a special monitor which would caution her if her child has a fit.

"There’s no funding out there to fund equipment for children with epilepsy," Kia explained. "There are charities who raise awareness, but there are no charities or organizations that give financial support to families."


Little Taran was diagnosed with epilepsy at four years old. His condition is getting worse and presently has seizures every other day.


According to Kia, the fits left her son "feeling groggy" and that it's horrendous to see him experience it.

On March 26, Kia along with her friend Kelly Richardson went to Burton Green Primary School, at which Taran attends, to raise awareness about epilepsy. They invited children and staff to get involved.

The Epilepsy Foundation in Colorado said there are more than 65 million individuals worldwide who have epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal.

Epilepsy, which kills up to 50,000 people each year, is the fourth most common neurological disorder and affects people of all ages.

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