Story: Man Insults Military Couple on a Flight

Kareena Koirala
Apr 10, 2019
01:19 P.M.
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No one can tell how a person is until you spend some time with them. Sometimes people turn out to be nice, while other times they leave you feeling like they are the rudest person in the world.


Describing an encounter with a rude passenger who insulted her military husband, a woman named Mary Jones posted her story on Facebook.

Bride and groom kissing each other. | Source: Pexels


A woman and her husband got married three weeks before he left for Afghanistan. The newly-wed couple decided to postpone their honeymoon until the man came back home.

After a long year, the man finally came home. Excited, the couple decided to go to Vegas for their much-awaited honeymoon. Arrangements were made and soon they were at the airport, clad in their wedding ensembles so they could go to Vegas in style.


The man was dressed in formals while the woman looked gorgeous in her cocktail-length wedding dress as they boarded the plane.

One of the flight attendants made an announcement:

“We would now like to invite our first class passengers and any members of the military in uniform and their guests to board.”

Upon hearing the announcement, the couple got up the board.


To their surprise, a male passenger scoffed loudly.

“That’s [expletive]! Why should that [expletive] get to board first?!”

The couple stood still while the man continued hurling insults at the military man.

“[Expletive] murderer! You should be ashamed of yourself,” he barked.

Although the man and the woman turned beet red with anger, they wisely chose to ignore the irate man and boarded the plane. After the rest of the plane was boarded, a member of the flight crew approached them in coach.

Flight crew talking to passengers | Source: Pixabay


“Sir, ma’am: two of our passengers would like to offer you their seats in first class,” she said.

The woman could not believe her words. “You’re kidding!” she exclaimed.

“Not at all, ma’am. They’ve cleared it with us, and would like to switch seats with you before we take off, in recognition of your service,” the flight attendant said in a convincing tone.

Woman looking through the window in the plane | Source: Pexels


As the couple stood up to take their new seats, other passengers took an interest. An older gentleman and his wife, who had given up their seats for the couple, made their back from the first class.

Approaching the couple, the old man asked, “Are you folks on your honeymoon?”

“Yes, sir,” the husband replied.

“Wonderful!” the older gentleman exclaimed in full voice. He added:

“My wife and I would take it as a personal favor to us if you would sit in our seats up in first class. I served in the military, as did my father, as well as two of our sons, one of whom is no longer with us. And I wanted to let you both know how proud we are to be flying with you today and for everything you’ve done for us and our country. I’m dreadfully sorry for the way you were treated when you were boarding, and we hope you enjoy the seats and have a lovely honeymoon and a wonderful life together.”


After conveying the heartfelt message, the older man shook the military’s hand. His wife gave the woman a big hug. The couple happily went up to first-class and the gentleman and his wife took their seats on the couch. The whole plane and flight crew applauded for the pair.


After the couple got off the plane, they were told that the people who were seated next to the passenger who had slurred them in the first place had asked to be moved away from him. The rude man was given enough dirty looks and reproachful comments that he had to bear with the entire flight.

Thankfully, most of the passengers on the flight agreed that those who honorably served the country should be treated with honor and respect.

Source: Daily Headline