April 02, 2019

Cashier Had the Perfect Response for Woman Who Checked out Too Many Items in the Express Lane

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A Wal-Mart employee did an amazing job putting an unreasonable customer in her right place.

A woman came to the express lane with an overflowing cart. She arrogantly asked the cashier to check out the several items she had in her cart.

Maryanne, another customer who witnessed the incident, recalled what happened. 

"I was in Colorado Springs. I had a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk and a couple of other things. This woman whose cart was overflowing almost runs me over to get in front of me at the 10 items line."

Woman with shopping bags | Source: Pixabay


The cashier delivered a great response when the woman started to put her items onto the checkout stand. "Which ten items would you like, ma'am?" the cashier asked.

"What?" the woman replied with annoyance in her voice. In a calm manner, the cashier responded:

"This is a 10-item-or-less express line." While saying this, she was holding up both hands showing all ten fingers.

A long receipt | Source: Pixabay


The cashier also pointed to the sign above the lane that read "Ten Items or Less." The woman got angry, yelling, "I want all of this."

The cashier replied again in a patient tone:

"Ma'am, I'm sorry. As I said, this is a ten-item-or-less line. Please, choose the ten items you'd like to purchase today."

Fruits and vegetables at a supermarket | Source: Pixabay


Angry, the woman grunted and pushed her overflowing cart so had it almost hit an old man sitting on a bench.

"Then she gave all of us who were laughing at her the finger, said '[expletive] you' and stormed out," Maryanne wrote.

"I purchased my items and tipped the cashier a $20 for the best improv comedy moment I'd seen in years," she continued.

A family at the supermarket | Source: Pixabay


Many people may be able to relate to this - encountering insensitive and entitled individuals in grocery stores. The cashier was praised for how she handled the customer.

"The cashier was very polite and diplomatic. The cashier certainly earned that 'tip' for the most magnificent performance of the day," commented Rochelle Day Smith.

Woman paying for her groceries | Source: Pixabay

"Love it! And just made my day... we all know 'that woman' with the overflowing cart too many times too, don't we? ROTFL!" Catherine Todd added.

"She may have had a learning disability since she only knew One four letter word!" wrote Mary Sercovich.