Woman Sparks Heated Debate about the Correct Way to Put on a Bra

Apr 03, 2019
05:18 P.M.
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A Twitter user, @nakaimosu, started a discussion about an age-old undergarment by asking women how they put them on, and which way was the right way.


It all began with a simple question,

“Hey y’all, how do you put on a bra? With the clasp in front of you and then turn it around, or putting the bra on regularly and clasping it from the back?”


Her post included a colored multiple choice illustration of the techniques she mentioned. Blue was the code for women who did it with the clasp in front and then twisting it around your body. Red was for the women that slipped it on as usual before reaching back to clasp it.


What followed was an exchange of advice, opinions, and even more questions.

Several users took the first choice of working on the clasp from the front and turning it around with one comment explaining,

“I have to put it on backward and turn it around because I’m not coordinated enough to do it the other way.”

From the “red team,” women shared,

“For me, the red is so much faster. You just have to practice a little bit - then you can put on the whole bra in 5 seconds.”

Another for team red disclosed,


“Red. I don’t like how the fabric rubs my skin when I have to turn it. I’ve gotten so good at clasping in the back that it takes me less time than doing it the blue way.”

A company called Third Love that promises “comfortable bras, designed to fit perfectly” has a tab on their website called “Bra 101” which has illustrated instructions for “How to put on a bra,” which is also printed on their product tags.


Brittany Packnett took to Twitter to share her discovery saying,

“@ThirdLove just told me I’ve been putting on my bras wrong for twenty years. You probably have, too.”