Keke Wyatt Celebrates Birthday with New Husband, Shows off the Stunning Ring He Gifted Her

KeKe Wyatt flaunted the massive ring her new husband gave her during her birthday and described the occasion as her "best birthday ever" following a string of problems in recent years. 

Keke Wyatt had the “best birthday ever” completed by a stunning ring her husband gave her.

On her Instagram, the mother-of-nine flaunted her new diamond-studded jewelry and thanked her husband, Zachariah Darring.  

“My bday [gift emoji]from my baby #zackariahdavid !!! Best bday ever,” she shouted out in her caption which also accompanied several other photos from her celebration. Among them, she shared a couple with her hubby. In one of them, she smacks him on the lips. 

Keke deserves a happy birthday especially after going through what she had in recent years. Her ex-husband, Michael Ford cheated on her with former “American Idol” contestant Paris Bennett who she considered her little sister. He filed for divorce in September 2017 while she was eight months pregnant with their child. Moreover, their fourteen-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer around the same time and was undergoing chemotherapy three times a week. She shaved her head in solidarity then shared a heartbreaking video relaying her problems to her followers.  

Her life took a turn for the better after Keke reached out for comfort to Zacchariah, her childhood friend and first boyfriend. Without intending to rekindle their romance, the two formed a new connection and soon married in October 2018. A month later, the “R&B Divas: Atlanta” star announced her son was cancer-free.  

Shortly after her marriage to Zachariah, Keke sat down with TMZ to share her story after the storm had settled. “You can’t have a testimony without a test,” she told the publication. Apart from vowing never to say the names of her ex and his mistress who she said looked like a woman in the film, “Gremlins.”

Keke also shared an incident when she dropped everything for Michael after he figured in a serious car accident. In April 2018, she moved to Memphis to care for him as his legal wife only for Michael to leave him and be with Paris after he recovered from a coma two months later. 

“At that point I had washed my hands of the whole thing and I totally let it go,” Keke said, taking the high road. “I never reacted, I am so proud of myself…cause the old Keke would have ruined her [Paris] whole entire life, but the new Keke realizes she is not worthy my blessings.”


Keke is in a better place now, thanks to the good things coming her way lately. Her husband’s birthday gift is definitely a bonus. Happy birthday Keke! 

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