Mother Kept a Life-Changing Secret from Her Son for Years

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 05, 2019
03:30 A.M.
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Mothers are givers by nature, so they offer their children all kinds of blessings throughout life.


In this heartwarming story, a mother decided to remain anonymous when she offered her son a life-changing gift.

Baby holding his mother's index finger | Photo: Pexels


“Can I see my baby?” the happy new mother asked. When the wrapped baby was laid in her arms, and she moved the fold of cloth to look upon his tiny face, she was shocked.

The doctor turned quickly and looked out the tall hospital window. The baby had been born without ears. Time proved that the baby’s hearing was perfect. It was only his appearance that was a problem. 

When he rushed home from school one day and threw himself into his mother’s arms, she sighed, knowing that his life was to be filled with heartbreaks. He spoke out the tragedy.

“A boy, a big boy...called me a monster.”


Woman carrying her baby | Photo: Pexels

He grew up, handsome for his misfortune. A favorite with his fellow students, he might have been class president, but for that. He developed a gift, a talent for literature and music.


The boy’s father talked with the family physician. “Could nothing be done?”

“I believe I could transplant a pair of outer ears if they could be available,” the doctor replied.

Then the search began for a person who would make such a sacrifice for a young man. Two years went by.

Mother hugging her son | Photo: Freepik


One day, his father said to the son, “You’re going to the hospital, son. Mother and I have someone who will donate the ears you need. But it’s a secret.”

The operation was a brilliant success, and a new person appeared. His talents blossomed into genius, and school and college became a series of victories. Later he married and entered the diplomatic service.

One day, he asked his father, “Who gave me the ears? Who gave me so much? I could never do enough for him or her.”

“I do not believe you could,” said the father, “but the agreement was that you are not to know...not yet.”


Man sitting on bench | Photo: Pexels

The years kept their great secret, but the day did come. One of the darkest days that ever pass through a son, he stood with his father over his mother’s coffin. Slowly, tenderly, the father stretched forth a hand and raised the thick, reddish-brown hair to show the mother had no outer ears.

“Mother said she was glad she never let her hair be cut,” his father whispered gently, “and nobody ever thought mother less beautiful, did they?”

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