Future Gets Dragged Heavily after Comparing Himself to Nipsey Hussle

Future gets a mouthful from fans of Nipsey Hussle after he compared himself to the late rapper. They slammed him for his music, his being a bad father and for being fake.  

What was meant to be a tribute to the late Nipsey Hussle turned into a moment for Future to shine a light on himself and he gets dragged in the process.


Many mourned the recent death of Nipsey Hussle who was fatally shot in front of his clothing store in Los Angeles last weekend. Among those who paid tribute to him was Young Scooter who reposted an old tweet of Hussle. 

"Nobody is looking to you as an example for OUR future generation. FOH. How dare you try to make the comparison."

Scooter lauded the late rapper and wished for more people like him. But Future decided to chime in on his comments section and take some credit.  

“Yeah we do need more like us.. I been teaching and preaching for a decade also showing and proving what hard work and dedication get u.” 


In just a short time, fans were pounced on the rapper for comparing himself to Hussle. One follower of the Shade Room which posted a snapshot of Future’s reply brought up his music and slammed it for its notorious themes.

“Then why don’t these people stop making music about doing drugs, killing, robbing, and disrespecting women? These people are so fake woke up, and do anything just to look good on social media. They understand the power they have but they choose to continue to push out garbage to the youth. If you really want to make changes and stop making garbage music.”

Another recommended for Future to “sit this one out” because “that’s not your ministry.”

“Future represent every piece of what’s wrong with hip hop,” a third commenter wrote. 

Finally, one commenter unleashed a mouthful and clapped back at Future for even thinking of comparing himself to Hussle or making himself an example for others. He even brought up the rapper’s son and accused him of hardly raising the child. 

“you concerned about letting your fans know that you quit lean. Because you didn’t think the cuddies would like you anymore. You perpetuate drug culture and ushered in a generation of pill popping... lean guzzling... Molly water sipping zombies. You literally are the already opposite of what someone like nipsey stood for. And represents to us. You barely raising little future. Nobody is looking to you as an example for OUR future generation. FOH. How dare you try to make the comparison. We good luv enjoy... tuhhh.”

There is a line between paying tribute to someone and making it all about yourself and Future may have just crossed that line. It wasn’t exactly the right place or time for self-promotion.


Hussle’s death still rings loud especially after his alleged killer has been arrested. 29-year-old Eric Holder is now in jail for charges in relation to Hussle’s murder. His arrest two days after the rapper’s death was facilitated by evidence from surveillance footage taken at the scene of the crime. He’s been charged with one count of murder for Hussle’s death and two counts of murder for his two friends who were also shot but survived. He pled not guilty to murder and remains in custody unless he can to come up with his $5 million bond.

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