Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart Open up about Their Undeniable Chemistry That Started in an Odd Way

Oyin Balogun
Apr 08, 2019
11:44 A.M.
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If you've by any chance been watching Snoop and Martha's cooking show on VH1, then you'll agree that the duo, although they have nothing in common, do have undeniable chemistry.


In a bid to promote their show, Stewart and Snoop Dogg opened up about their unlikely chemistry on the "Today" show and here is what they have to say.

Snoop is a 47-year-old African American California rapper who is known for his love for weed. Martha, on the other hand, is a world-renowned cook who is three decades older than the rapper.


Snoop shares a unique relationship with the 77-year old Caucasian, Martha Stewart. When they both decided to premiere a culinary show, their fans thought it would be a disaster, but both seemed to have navigated their way through. They came out to explain how much they connect, and how it all started.

VH1 envisioned a show that would present an avenue where Stewart and Snoop can both show off their cooking skills, while they invite celebrity friends to lend a hand. Fortunately, they achieved this, and the show is currently on its third season.


Undoubtedly, these two appear to be doing just fine, as they both have a perfect understanding and fondness for each other. In details obtained by "Today," Martha said:

“I like his laid-back energy, I like his outspokenness, I like his sense of timing, and I really, actually like to watch him cook. I mean he’s so particularly, his tiny bits of this and that, and it all finally comes together.”



On the other hand, Snoop explained how much of an inspiration she is to him, and how Martha pushes him to improve.

After three years of having met her, he confessed, his life would have no meaning if she hadn't surfaced. He also claimed he has so much love for her that he didn't ever want her out of his sight. In his words:

“I love Martha, like, I love her for real. Like when I see her away from me, I get jealous when I see other people with her. But then I understand, she's Martha Stewart, so she has to give the world what they want.”



In an interview with Architectural Digest, the lady chef mentioned that the show was first structured to have “lots of funny talks, silly games, and actual recipes.”

After they started in 2016, they went all out to give their viewers top notch fun. Their first season had Icecube, Ashley Graham, and Seth Rogen with the famous rapper, Wiz Khalifa also accompanying them to shoots in L.A.


In their newest episode of the cooking show, Matthew McConaughey and Method Man battled to whip up 4/20 related munchies, and they had Isla Fisher as their judge.

Dogg claimed his co-star loves rappers being on the show. In his words:

“Martha kind of pioneered this as far as like letting rappers become a part of daytime television because we were not actually accepted.”

Martha expressed that she is a liberalist and that with the show she preaches tolerance, and togetherness as humans.