Сlassmate of Murdered Female Student Offers a Way to Protect Uber Passengers from Mixing up Cars

Pedro Marrero
Apr 06, 2019
05:00 A.M.

After the murder of the USC student, Samantha Josephson, one of her former classmates has managed to transform the pain into a brilliant idea that could help others not to become possible next victims.


Samantha Josephson, 21, was found dead in a field on Friday afternoon on March 29, approximately 14 hours after boarding a vehicle she mistook for her Uber, according to police reports in Columbia, South Carolina.

A young woman who met the tragically murdered student during a course has initiated a petition to add a QR code to the process of verifying a driver or a client in apps such as Uber or Lyft to increase the level of security.


Sydney Ford explained in an interview that this simple idea occurred to her while traveling in the back seat of her last Lyft, and she thought it would be so easy to apply that she decided to publicly request that companies and users begin to implement it.

"I remember clearly looking and thinking, what if the vehicle has locks for children like the vehicle she was in?" said Ford.

Adding this simple step to the existing security measures for this type of apps would be so easy to carry out by the owners of these companies that, in a few days, the petition has more than 40,000 signatures.


"Take your phone, scan the barcode, a QR code, either on the driver's phone or in the driver's window, it will be verified for both the driver and the passenger," explained Sydney Ford.

Josephson's death made the young woman feel like she was vomiting, however, she converted all that anger into positive action. Ford revealed that Lyft drivers approve the idea because apparently, they often have problems with the wrong people who get into their cars.


We hope that this petition will be taken into account in the future, meanwhile, trust your instincts and use your best judgement when riding with Uber or Lyft. And if you ever feel you’re in a dangerous situation, call 911 immediately.

In another story, Daudah, an Uber driver, was arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a passenger on March 30, 2019, in Boston Massachusetts.

The man wept noisily throughout the court audience, much to Judge Richard Sinnott's disgust, who ended up telling him to "knock it off!". Daudah's defense attorney Kim Giampietro revealed that he denies the allegations.

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